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My best friend is the closest person to me. We have known each other before we could speak. I consider him my brother and would do anything for him, but currently we are on completely different paths. He has worked hard to become very successful in the IT field and I joined the Army and have been homeless for 1 a month sleeping on his couch with over $6500 in debt. It hurts me deep when I hear him complain about some of his issues when he's went out and spent my debt on 3 nights at a strip club, has an expensive condo, a new car, and can travel anytime. Currently I am unemployed and injured for the next 4 months therefore I can't work a regular job. When I talk about my PTSD and other issues most times the conversion ends up being about him. This week alone I've contemplated suicide numerous times, but he doesn't know this. I'm not sure what to do and don't feel that he understands the depth of my pain. I've given up on most people, including family and other friends. I'm scared I may be giving up on him soon.

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  • You contemplate giving up on HIM? Dude, he appears to be the only person who will still put up with you. Why do you keep thinking that everyone owes you their time and energy?

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