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I can’t concentrate at all. Is jut impossible for me. I can be doing something and the most stupid think takes my attention every 2 oe 3 minutes. A reflection, a noise… And I can’t just relax my head. I’m the whole day thinking, and worring about everything… At work when somebody answers me a bit serious, I already think I did something wrong… And I makes me stress and worry the whole day…. And that makes me so tired at the end of the day… I don’t sleep good, I can’t relax at all, not even at home. I start to think I have a psicological disorder or something and that scares me..

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  • to me that sounds very familliar, you could go talk to a doctor or counselor about ADD (attention deficit disorder). you could also first find out some more about it with google

  • use hard drugs such as ritalin. well at least that's what a doctor is going to tell you. there are other options but you won't be interested in it, no one does. just shove hard prescription drugs down your throat

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