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I used to admire and feel so happy for those young couples with kids. Though as I grew older and everyone is having kids, a child in the arms of young parents now looks more like a badge saying "I Fucked Up, Now I Give Up." and I feel so sorry for them.

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  • No. Stop right there. I'm a 20 year old mother of a wanted and planned child. I take great pride in raising a beautiful child. I'm well read in attachment parenting methodology and early years learning pedagogies. I'm a student teacher and provide unconditional love to an extremely bright and happy little toddler. She's just shy of 2 and can speak better then some 5 year olds. I take her to dance classes, music groups, playdates, everything. This is pride..you should get some instead of being a small minded bigot. :-)

  • I don't feel sorry for them.

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