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Okay, so I had this best friend for almost 6 years, until I ended our friendship. We never expected it to be this way, but lately I felt like I didn't know her anymore and we grew apart. We both were too busy with school and never saw each other anymore and almost never talked. I felt like I was getting bored of her... So I ended it. Now I feel so lonely. She was my best friend and I could talk to her about how much I hated everyone at my school and she could laugh and talk shit with me abou them but now I can't anymore. But I don't think I regret my decision. It's not that I miss her, specifically, I miss having someone to talk to. Idk if that sounds weird but I think this is the way I feel. So yeah, now I'm all lonely and I only have two friends who I don't like very much actually. I guess I'll just have to dealcwith it then 😩

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  • Try meeting someone new who has similar interests like you

  • Friendships have an expiration date. You will need to go out and make some new friends.

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