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I am 31 and engaged. no matter what my fiance says I can't stop telling myself that I'm ugly and fat. I'm 5'1 146 lbs. I have no sense oof style and i don't know how to do makeup. I want to feel pretty one day. I want to wear heels and a dress and feel absolutely beautiful. but it's not happening.

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  • Fashion is a skill you have to work at and practice. Or hire a personal shopper

  • you don't seem fat to me but I'll give you tips anyway!- where looser clothes, clothes that don't hug your body will throw people off when you wear tight clothes. also when you wear looser clothes it's a great time to work on your body until you feel confident enough to wear those tight clothes. and for your makeup, go on youtube and watch a few videos on basic everyday makeup tutorials. go to CVS or somewhere like that and pick up a few basics. then just keep practicing until you feel it looks good.

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