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I like just love girl Feet white,Asian,Latina it all started I think when I was 7 when my baby sitter to me to rub her feet with lotion and then her daughter told to do the same and I did it quite often. then when one day I was at her daughter house I her daughter fell asleep on the couch and look at her bare feet made something I've never felt before so I went over to her feet and licked all over and sucked on her toe . at first I thought it was going to taste dirty but Mmmmmm so yummy. and in till then when I see a girl whereing sandles with manicured feet it gets me hard and l look at girl who only where shoes that cover their feet and fantasize about there feet look and when finally where sandals I get so hard especially girls that I know for a fact will have sexy feet ...... Man I don't know anymore suggestion?

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  • Don't touch people in their sleep first, but you can find good porn anywhere.

  • You have a foot fetish. oddly very common

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