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A few months ago, we got a new work colleague. Even though he had a girlfriend for the past 7 years and planned on getting married, he used to tell us about his numerous occasions when he cheated on her. He even went to hookers. Apparently, his logic is that as long as he`s discreet and his girlfriend is taken care of, he can sleep around. Once, he told us they were at a wedding and he had sex with one of the female guests in the bathroom. He recently broke up with her, at her initiative, and now he`s hitting on me. And he`s insistent, too. I am in a happy relationship and he keeps asking me to let him know in case I end it with my boyfriend. I don`t like him because he`s a cheater, firstly, and secondly, because he said he doesn`t use condom and those many women + those hookers make me think there`s a very-very big chance he has...something..down there..

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  • Don't fall for him! He'll never be able to give you anything you deserve or want. Only STDs and you don't want those:)

  • Ieuw. he's a creep

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