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I want and need to loose weight. But when I do it and get no where I give up. I need help, motivation, support

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  • I didn't need motivation. I needed a PLAN. Don't depend on others, and don't check the scale. Let your clothes tell you of your success. For me, I first realized that everybody has a limited amount of self control. Don't feel bad when you run out. Remove temptations. Second, I took what I would normally eat for dinner (orange chicken and rice) added a bag of Bird's Eye microwave veggies, and split it into six bowls. Pre-made dinner and instant oatmeal breakfast made a big difference in my intake. Second, i took up a new schedule that involved a wake up and go to bed routing and a half hour of walking every day. I did not DIET. I made a sustainable plan and changed my lifestyle forever. I lost 150 pounds, and am technically no longer diabetic. Only new expense? I recommend a good pair of shoes and wear liner socks to prevent blisters. Don't buy gadgets or gym memberships. Don't wait for company or motivation. Just .... change yourself. Never GIVE UP.

  • you already have all you need,if you're not ''motivated'' enough to do it,it's simply because it's not a big problem for you.

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