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I've recently found several dating profiles for my boyfriend of 2 years. I've never had anything but complete trust and adoration for him so when I confronted him and he told me someone had hacked his email and iCloud I believed him in a heartbeat. It's the only thing on my mind though now. I'm paranoid about his phone wondering if he doesn't want me to see something. I've even started contemplating driving past his work place to see if he really is working. And now I'm feeling sick to the stomach when I look over and see he's asleep and his phone is right there. I don't want to keep bringing it up I know it hurts him knowing that I'm losing trust but it's eating me up inside and the one person that I would talk to about inner turmoil is him. I thought I trusted him but this feeling won't go away. If I look through his things I know no good will come of it. If I find nothing I'll still feel horrible knowing that I stooped that low but if I do find something how do I explain it? "I was breaching your privacy and saw stuff I didn't like" he's been my best friend for over 2 years. We've discussed children and marriage and we've been living together most of our relationship. I don't like what this has made me. I don't even want him to touch me with the thought in my mind "what if he's done that with another girl today?"

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  • iCloud has no right to his email, therefore other than perhaps the odd app perchaise notification he shouldn't be getting notified about numerous dating websites. Unless you yourself signed up to these sites they couldn't get your name and pictures from your phone, so if the profiles have infer nation further than his email, he is lying as Apple has no right to give away contact information without the users consent. Also he would have to accept the account with his email to approve use of the email so he's also lying about that to.

  • your bf is a cheating asshole don't believe him!! how can the rest of the commenters not say this to this poor girl?? all the men out there, come on, tell her what's really going on

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