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I can't pin my sexuality and it makes me uneasy. I don't know how regular girls feel, so defining a shade of asexuality is difficult. Do girls find strangers attractive? When do they 'get horny?' What is the boundary between platonic friendship and romantic attraction? How touchy is romantic attraction?? I just want an experience to say, "You are into _ gender and are _ sexual." Ready for this to be over tbh.

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  • I'm straight but before I met my boyfriend I didn't really look at anyone in a romantic sense. if a "cute" guy walked past I only knew because my friends would goo and gaa. But when I started talking to my boyfriend online I got kind of a tight chest kind of feeling and could not stop smiling and giggling. I'd look at the photos he'd send me (funny grins and stuff no naked) and picture us together smiling and kissing and my heart rate would go berserk. then the thought of us going further worked me up even more like I just had to kiss him right now! I think it honestly takes one special person to make you see what gender you're into. I suppose just keep your mind and heart open and wait you'll know when you get feelings for them. my boyfriend and I started talking just as friends but all of a sudden I realised that I needed him to be mine

  • Here I come as an example - even though I'm probably not very helpful for you, sorry. I'm bisexual, and I do feel attracted to strangers. About getting horny ... well, l guess I have an extremely strong sex drive; basically I'm ready to go at every time of the day. Not that anyone has ever noticed, thank god ... well, I've never actually been in love and only had one "crush" before, although it wasn't overly emotional. But that's just because I'm not an emotional person, I guess ... I realized that he had replaced a lot of normal thoughts in my head. During an exam, there was something about the country he's from, and off goes my mind, remembering all the fun times we had together instead of actually thinking about the exam. I probably don't have to mention that my romantic attraction is kind of pretty touchy. I hope I was able to help at least a little bit, I'm not exactly regular though, I guess. :D

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