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I'm an adult that's terrified of parental rejection.. I'm 20 and somewhat dependent on my parents. I technically live with them but lately I've been staying with other family for about a month without going home. I love my parents but they stalk and intimidate me because they didn't like my boyfriend. We're now separated (he had a criminal past I didn't know about that made him inappropriate to parent our child) Yet my parents yell at me and tell me I'm a disgrace for letting him see his daughter (under supervision also), they've gone through my browser history and my phone and had people literally follow me, I feel like I get interrogated. there's also been made completely false reports to child protection services about my daughter. I'm pretty sure they aren't people I should be around and yet some part of me ridiculously seeks their approval, I'll break down everything in my life to avoid be rejected but nothing's "good enough" to them. what's wrong with me?

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  • There is nothing wrong with YOU. You have terrible domineering parents.

  • Make your own choices and stand by them. don't ask/get approval for everything. you'll never live your own life.

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