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I'm not looking forward to my sister coming home at all. I mean, by now we get along, because she moved out, but she thinks the universe has to bow down to her. When I cook for myself and she gets hungry at the same time, she steals my food and eats it. When my parents give us chores, she never does any of them and I have to do them all. I have to clean our shared bathroom by myself. I basically have to clean the whole house by myself. I have to care for her ferrets, because no one else does, I have to care for four cats (two belong to her), and the dog my parents got because she wanted it. No one seems to care that I also have school work and a job to do. And when I am done and sit down for 10 f*cking minutes to relax before even starting my homework or studying, I get yelled at for being lazy and never doing sport. I'm not even fat. I'm underweight. The fact that I just don't have time to do sports never occurs to them. I'd love to go swimming, I'd love to go inline skating, I'd be glad if I could just ride my bike for a change! She does sports the whole day when she's not studying, because while I drop weight easily, she gains weight so easily it's getting confusing. And whenever I ask her if she could do at least one of the chores or care for HER freaking pets herself, she tells me "No, because I don't have time. If I was sitting on my lazy ass all day like you, I would love to do it, but I don't have time for it, because, in contrast to you, I care for my health." Oh yeah? Well, f*ck you too. Also, she beat me on a regular basis when she was still living at home. Easter is just going to be great.

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  • Well, the solution. You should be standing up against that evil bitch of your sister, don't clean after her pets even if you pity them. Let her sink in her own uncleaned garbage and shit, maybe she will realize if you don't clean her part what is going on.Then you can say to her and your parents that you won't do her part anymore and she can go fuck herself. (Sorry for the cursing I hate those kind of persons like your sister.) Best wishes.

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