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Can't believe homophobia, sexism and racism is still a thing. It's 2015, people, get your head out of your asses.

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  • Here's what bothers me about these types of posts. (and I'm in a social justice college class, so I have this same issue in a lot of places) What do you recommend we do? You made a post about how dare it exist, but you didn't say Anything about a solution. How dare it exist. Well it does. What will WE and YOU do about it? Because your post here hasn't changed anything, and if things Are going to change WE and YOU have to be the change, and I'm not smart enough to know how to fix the world's problems. So please, tell me what to do and how to do it, and I'll be on board. Until then, no more whining. Whining doesn't lead to solutions, unfortunately.

  • look in a prison. 90% black people. say that next time a bigger robs you

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