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I have a skin infection in my face at the moment, and the cream I have to use against it can't be exposed to sunlight, or else it starts turning into acid, as I have discovered the hard way. Not a strong one, but the rash gets a lot worse if I go out into the sun after applying the cream. Bad thing about this is, I have to use it twice a day. In the morning and the evening. I also have the slight feeling it's not even working. My doctor looked at me and said: "Yep, that's an infection, use this cream, bye." He didn't even remember I was there with the start of that very same rash a few months ago and he told me "Yep, that's an allergy, use this cream, bye." I somehow get the feeling he's an idiot. Or he just doesn't like me. Everyone else said he always takes a lot of time to talk to them, and he used to do the same for me. But now? I guess I'll change doctors. I mean, he didn't even really look at my face, shook my hand, sat down 2 meters away from me and told me to use the cream. Now I'm stuck in my house like a freaking vampire.

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  • Change the doctor. Remember, some might have been lucky to barely pass their tests, while others might have had connections through their doctor parents. Doctors can also make mistakes, might also have a bad day just like any other person.. If you feel he's not paying attention to you, change him. Be careful of who you put in charge of your health

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