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I have social anxiety, like, I try my flipping hardest, but I think I found one of the problems - my sister. I'm quite lazy as well, and forgetful and unorganised, so maybe I miss a day or two not having a bath, and some glasses and bowls are in my room, my room is where I want to feel how I want to feel, if it be lazy, upset, happy, deppressed, but then there's my sister, who sees my room, my mum is very lazy as well, and so the kitchen isn't always tidy and there aren't always clean put away cups, so her boyfriend will say there aren't any glasses, and she'll go then wash one up, and he'll say there aren't any, and she'll be like they're probably in her room meaning me, and when I say I don't think so, she be like well there's a bowl with a clip in it infront of all her friends. Her little thing that she says is don't tell me how to live my life sort of as a joke when someone says pass me a spoon or something, yet she can tell me and everybody else how to live there's, and if they don't obey she'll embarrass them, she does this to our mum as well, but yet she wants to buy me stuff, but if she offices I'll say no, but sometimes she does it without asking if I want them, so it makes me feel bad, I feel like she controlling me, she puts me down so much and it gets me soo upset, we used to be sooo close, and now she hasn't hugged me for 3 or 4 years and I will never forget the last time she hugged me. I wasn't even that upset, and I have wanted her to hug me so many times since feeling 1000 times worse, I miss her as well though, she works 2 jobs, and when I do see her we argue 😢 any advice

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  • I'm pretty sure she just means well, it's her way of trying to improve your life, your obviously unhappy and the way you live is a reflection of your mindset. maybe listen to her just for a while and see what happens

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