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I don't believe in peer pressure.I'm 15, so are my friends, and last year they got into cigarettes and weed. They kept pressuring me into trying, but honestly it's not difficult to say no if you don't want any.

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  • marijuana is healthy especially for people with eating disorders

  • Cigarettes? No. Weed? I smoke weed and although smoking anything is not healthy and you are your own being and free to make your own choices , it is edible. I grew up in the Reagan era and the start of the failed "War on Drugs" and "Just Say No" campaigns. My mother smoked pot and my father didn't. I remember thinking she was a druggie ( they were getting a divorce) All three of us were given to my dad ( which I don't regret) but until I actually tried marijuana for myself my preconceived notion and association with marijuana and "true" drugs didn't change. Marijuana gets a very bad name. It is safe and actually has some benefits. The only sad part is the politics. Legalization is different than non-criminal and marijuana should be completely free to grow and use.

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