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Really long. Skip it if you want. I remembered something I repressed. When I was just a little kid I used to be in a abusive relationship with my mother. She would hit me for no reason sometimes only when my brothers wasn't around. Whenever my dresser had a bunch of toys just covering she would throw them all to the ground and tell us to pick it up. When I didn't know how to extend my towel she would hit me until I got it right. Same when I was arranging books and I didn't understand how. I wasn't a smart kid. But whenever that would happen I would always say, "Te amo, mama." She would just keep beating me. At night I would always try to kill myself whenever I was alone in my closet. Thinking it was all my fault. And today she gets mad whenever I say, "I was always alone when I was a kid. Maybe that's how I should be."

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  • Serve yourself first! Go bankrupt while partying and then build yourself.... Party till you cannot anymore!

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