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Ever since we broke up I feel like I have no motivation to do... Well anything, I'm sick of feeling like this, I don't sleep anymore I dropped from 72 kilos to 64 and I am always deppressed

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  • in my childhood .. Once my favourite toy got broken .. I cried and cried for whole day .. and next day I was okay .. Take your time. You will be fine. be busy.

  • Always keep in mind that you were okay before you met him/her. You were fine before you met him/her so guaranteed, you'll be fine again. Only time can tell so just be patient. I've been in your position and it took me only a few months to be back on my two feet again. Life is too short to depend your happiness in someone else's hands. You were given this life to enjoy and live it. Someone will come into your life again. If you think you'll never love again, you're wrong. God takes away people from our lives because he has better plans for us.

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