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it's often so difficult to find a topic or anything to talk about with my boyfriend. he doesn't seem to be very interested in things i do, my and his work topics, things every other people talk about like latest news, things that happen around the world, hobbys, family and so on, worries, future, past, whatever usual people talk about. But this is just the problem with me. with others he can talk about all this, he makes jokes and laughs about theirs, talks a lot with them about everything i wrote before. Sure he wants to talk to me, also have deep, serious conversations (which i'm also interested in) but when i come up with something he's like: "why are you asking me that right now?" "does that really matter to you?" or just says a few sentences, then stops or makes fun of it. Months ago we had more to talk about if you ask me. In some arguments he said that i never said anything interesting ever . can this be true if he has conversations with others about exact the stuff i want to talk with him about?? with my friends i'm different, the exact opposite. they never gave me the feeling of rejection. None of us wants to break up but therefore we need interesting conversation material that matters to us both..has anyone an idea?

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  • can't talk, only WhatsApp?

  • From my experience , if you have to think about some topics to talk about and the conversation is not just light and natural , than it is just not your person

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