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I'm not sad nor depressed. But I'm also not happy. I'm in that thin line in between or better yet, I don't feel anything. There's days where I feel like I have a pocket full of sunshine and then the next day, my pocket feels dull and empty. I don't know what to feel anymore; I don't know how to feel anymore.

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  • Well, I'm in your shoe... I start to think what the hell is wrong with me and we this shit is going on and on. :( I mean there are times when things go cool then no one can make me mad... then a bad thing happens and the world is lost for me. :S

  • a good life requires balanced emotions, you can't be all the time extremely happy and excited, and you can't be all the time down and depressed... it is great to keep balanced emotionally speaking, not too happy, not too sad... practice it, everything is in your mind, your mind should control your emotions, not the opposite.

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