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my boyfriend is in prison and I've had some fleeting thoughts about cheating...but dispite the fact that he made some mistake he's a really good person who treats me with dignity and respect. he says he would understand if it happened but at the same time I've wanted a good man for so long I don't know if I will ever find someone like him....and that bothers me.

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  • my boyfriend is in jail, as well. we came to the conclusion that we would stay together, and for the duration of his time in the slammer, I have his permission to handle any needs that arise. we are actually in the process of marriage, and our relationship is still strong. maybe, try something like what we have? we talked it over for months before anything happened, and it seems like we've only gotten closer

  • I did some jail time but haven't gone upstate, although prison has it a lot better. Harder time but more relaxing. You have to weigh your options at this point. You seem inclined to stay with him, and you should. But only if he isn't doing a stretch....meaning a couple years because he's facing at least a year if he's in the pen. Him being on the other side of the wall means that he has no option and has to pay for his crimes, even if he's innocent. I don't want to be the one telling you this but You have to move on with your life..I understand it's hard and I've been in his situation before. If you are still single by the time he's released then you guys could try again. But you can't invest any more of your time being stuck in a dead end situation. My ex left me while I was locked up. I was mad/frustrated/upset and most of all sad. I felt abandoned. But I came to terms with it because she has a life outside of me. I can't and won't put her in this situation. I hope it works out for you both.

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