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I've been with my boyfriend for a year. He's sweet, funny, good with money. We travel and spend a lot of quality time together and rarely fight. I literally go to sleep happy to be with him. There's just one problem, our sex life is severely lacking. He was single for a long time before we met - and now just doesn't seem interested. I've tried everything - lingere, toys, sexting, dirty pictures, and outright jumping his bones. It isn't catching and I just feel stupid for constantly putting myself out there and always getting rejected. In all my other relationships and even when I'm single, I've been a sex maniac. I like all kinds of different things, and have no inhibitions and my boyfriend doesn't get it. It's getting so frustrated! I've tried to talk to him, and nothing is working. I find myself thinking about other men and my exes. I haven't cheated and I would never - but I'm getting resentful, and talking isn't helping. Any ideas?

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  • Well maybe you want too much, like a nymphoman and he is just normal.

  • Love or sex .. The choice is yours !

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