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I was sexually abused for 8 years as a kid and now I keep putting myself in sexual situations I don't want purposely triggering panic attacks and the like and I can't stop most recently I've been adding guys on whatsapp who talk about forcing me to sleep with them after i tell them im not into dirty chat and will keep harassing me for nudes and eventually I'll give in because it's like I'm that scared 8 year old again who has no power its not like I get anything out of this other than bad feelings and my head getting messed up for days but I can't stop it and I can't talk to anyone about it either confessing this is the best I've ever felt

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  • You're going to have a hard time with online chat dating... Most guys online are used to teasing girls with imagery of your nightmares. Guys do that, because, more often than other methods, we get a positive sexual response from ladies. Why? They never experienced it, so it's a sexy taboo. I'm sorry.

  • I deal with something similar,but in relation to also emotional abuse and neglect. it's definitely a dangerous "comfort zone" I need to fight. when I comes down to it,it really is about evaluating my self worth,and forgiving those who didn't know how to treat me better in whatever state they were in at the time of the abuse. remember that forgiveness is more for you,than for the other person sometimes.

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