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I am an Indian living in the Germany for the past 8 years. I left India because of the disgusting people there. I sometimes clench my fist and feel that the USA must drop an atomic bomb on India so they all will die. These Indian people are wholly jealous. All are assholes and rapists. These Indian people have so much expectations and asks bullshit questions to me. Eight years ago, the first thing they used to ask(repeatedly) was "When are you gonna become a doctor/engineer?, When you gonna marry?, When you gonna have kids?" and much more! Whenever I meet someone in Germany for the first time, they ask me questions about the rapists in India in between our conversation. I feel extremely shamed for my own country. I am really grateful to my company for giving me a job with a decent salary and accommodation. I love Germany more than India. This place is dream come true for me and I love the people over here, so kind and genrous. I'm never visiting India again, I'm gonna live, marry some German lady(I became best friends with one and she even likes me!) and die here.

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  • It doesn't seem like that India is a place where rapes are more common than in other places. But then again. It's easier to call 1.2 billion people assholes than to accept his own prejudices.

  • Indians are rapey as fuck that is true. but you shouldn't drop an atomic bomb there because india is a big country,i'm sure there's someone good there and also they have great marijuana fields that would be destroyed.

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