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My sister is trying to buy me. I know she is. She's 30 years old, living in our parents' house, not paying for anything other than stuff she buys for herself. She has a job for a few years now and even the car she drives is also my parent's. My parents are currently out of the country and she automatically assumed she had total control over everything. We fight a lot because normally we don't get along that much due to our age difference (I'm 21) but lately things have gotten to a point where I'm seriously thinking about either blackmailing her or putting my parents in an uncomfortable position and demand them to do something about her behaviour. I don't have a job but I'm in charge of taking care of my parents' small business here. It's nothing permanent but it takes a lot of my time. Also, I'm studying so I need time to do homework and study too. Besides all of that, I have to clean the house, cook, wash dishes, clothes, etc etc etc. I would also like to start working out because I've been gaining a lot of weight recently and I feel really bad about it. But the funny part is that in my sister's mouth I either do nothing or what I do is always wrong. I'm extremely mad at her because the only thing she does on her day off is clean the dust in her bedroom's furniture, nothing else, and is always claiming that it's something I should do. I actually laugh at this because I don't see the point in cleaning her room if she's going to yell at me right after that her stuff is all in the wrong places and that the detergent I used to clean smells bad. We had a huge fight last week and I couldn't take it any longer so I just told her some truths. She didn't accept that I was right and tried to hit me. Now, this is the behaviour of a 30 year old who is expecting her father to give her his car once and for all, who brings friends home, sits down with them drinking and laughing and practically treats me like a maid, a 30 year old who claims she's been saving money when all she does is go out with her friends 3 to 4 times a week to have dinner, drinks and parties. All of that takes a lot of money to spend on but as she doesn't pay bills or food she thinks she's okay. Yesterday I talked to my parents and told them everything I knew. Their silence was killing me and I don't like being like this but I just can't take this anymore. Now she's inviting me to go with her and her friends to have dinner in a fancy restaurant tonight. Seriously? Because it's Easter and she certainly knows that my patience is coming to its limits, now she's all friendly and stuff? No, no, no darling, I'm not falling for that. What she does or doesn't do is none of my business, I'm aware of that. But it is my business when I'm involved in the situation. She eats with my parents' money, she pays the car's fuel with my parents' money, and that also belongs to me as I'm as much of my parents daughter as she is but I can't even drive that same car since she always has places to be at. I don't think I'm overreacting and if she doesn't change or my parents put a stop sign in front of her, they'll certainly not have to deal with me anymore. I have a few savings and I'm thinking about using that money on a plane ticket with no return if things keep going like this.

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  • "You go girl" (I hate this phrase but suits her), I think she is a spoiled brat who wants to use you as her little slave-machine to clean up and so on, don't let her. Maybe you should confront your parents about it. She is fucking 30 years old goddamnit.

  • if you want to work out and your sister thinks you fo nothing around the house, use the time you would normally use to do stuff around the house to work out.

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