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There is a whatsapp group for only my classmates. I am also a member in that group. Two guys called and messaged everyone and asked whether they are going for the FF7 movie with them or not and they haven't called me yet. All my classmates are going but they havent even informed me. I can see all the messages in the group. They even called another guy from another class who's not in the group. Just making sure that if you want to know me, I am a shy, somewhat introvert with moderate socialising..

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  • If you want to see it go alone, at least they won't talk to you and bother you while the movie goes, there is no shame in that.

  • if I can see the messages I consider myself invited... Where I live we make a new group without the member we don't want if that is the case. Really, I have showed up to more than one party more-or-less uninvited. I know it's not that easy when you're shy but believe me... it's not that bad. Just be nice and try to appear comfortable (if possible show up with someone invited that you somehow like) and nobody will say anything...maybe you can even change their minds about you!

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