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I don't think my husband trust me. Last night we were at the movies and these guys were next to us and he didn't want to leave me alone to use the bathroom because I might cheat and he knows how much I like "white guys". He finally left to use the bathroom after he asked me to move a seat over and when he came back he asked me if I cheated. This even happens when we go to the gym together. I'll be finished working out and he asked me if I cheated on him. Idk what to do or say to him. I've never given him a reason that I would cheat on him when he's given me all the reasons that he would.

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  • with my experience I've noticed men get confrontational when they are hiding something themselves. maybe he feels guilty about something he did or was thinking about doing, and ended up taking it out on you. just a thought

  • I'm sorry but that sounds reeeaally annoying. And wrong. How would you even cheat in five minutes in a full cinema? I think this has crossed the line to delusional. I'm sorry

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