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on new years eve i decided to try and find something to give me happiness, and i had set a target for six months. now, four months in, im afraid that there is little that can make me happy anymore. i will not give up, but in two months time, if i cant find happiness, if i cant find anything that would let me enjoy life, then there is no reason left for me to live on. i am grateful for what i have, and for what i have accomplished in life, but how important can my achievements and accomplishments be, if to this day i am miserable. i want to live, i just need a reason.

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  • I used to be the same and even though I had been disappointed many times already, I set all my hopes in love. I have been with my boyfriend (and love of my life) for 3 years now... and I am really happy. Maybe try finding a person (doesn't necessarily need to be love, REAL friends can help a lot too. You can do it!

  • nothing will make you happy but the control of your thoughts, try meditation

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