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my husband only has sex with me if I initiate things. I don't want to cheat but I have needs. I adore him. I do everything right...exercise, eat fairly healthy, kegels, etc. He has let himself go...gained weight, wears his old worn clothes, barely gets hair cuts. He said he married me because he's shallow and wanted a trophy wife.

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  • well he probably cant get it up and feels like shit when he sees himself compared to u

  • What's the point of a hot wife if you don't fuck her brains out? I had a bombshell girlfriend in the past, we fuck like animals at least twice a day. Even if I'm tired from work and not in the mood, I'd still put forth the effort to wreck that pussy. Because if I don't show her love and affection then someone else will. You should try to talk to him about it.

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