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I may not have walked for a long time on this world, but I have enough experience to be the cynical, depressed ass I am. I moved to another country about two years ago, and at first, I sort of felt that kind of excitement that you get when you move to a new place, but then things, well, things settled, and then after loving, missing, and having my heart broken over and over, I decided to break away from the chains of social status and constructs, social relationships dont matter anymore. I see the world in a new light, and I see that I have to spend my time alone, I have not turned emo or anything, though. I have made a beast out of myself to get rid of the pain of being a man, never have I felt so free, yet at the same time, never have I felt so chained, alone, and sad while hiding behind a mask.

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  • Self pity will take you nowhere. people won't care about you simply because you believe you deserve to be cared for.

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