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I'm a coach and a girl in my squad badly broke her leg- she completely shattered it- at a competition last weekend and she's been in hospital since. I've been doing my best to see her everyday but it's become very apparent to me how little her family care about her. Her mum hasn't even called and it was me who spent the night with her when it happened. She's due to be discharged quite soon but she can hardly do anything for herself and I know for a fact she will be home alone. I want to let her stay with me temporarily but I don't know if it's unfair on my family.

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  • If you let a minor student move in you WILL be accused of statutory rape

  • honestly if your family has OK'd it, and you let her know that she can come over and you'll look out for her, i feel its safe to say she can make her own choice, and talk to her parent(s), if they truly don't care, they'll let her anyways.

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