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When a person asks if they can take me out to dinner: and it's past 11pm,I've been studying for as long as they've seen me, I'm probably on caffeine or just tired. please forgive me if I just suck at saying no. I keep telling myself,"say ty for the compliment of asking me,but I'm not looking right now ." BUT it catches me off guard every time , and all I can get out past 11:30pm is some awkward,"im sorry I'm not looking right now." A man asked if he could "see me later",I 100% thought he meant if we ran into each other again at the locallounge.i said "See u later" I'm so sorry. my social skills kinda die by that point of exaustion lol.

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  • I love reading a girl who put studying first than social life, brilliant!!!

  • I know that feeling exactly. It's not ust in those situations but whenever you meet someone and your brain is relaxing from studying, it just doesn't work properly anymore when you talk to other people (about any subjects, even if its just what you did yesterday etc). It's normal.

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