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I don't trust local clinics. They always tell me I'm fine, try to sell me medications that only address symptoms, and don't check me information unless they're trying to convince me to get shots. :l Alas,I still need their referral if I want to use my medicare elsewherešŸ˜‘.

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  • Doctors come in two varieties; surgeons and pill pushers. Because those are the only two avenues of "western medicine". If you're not deformed or bleeding from a non-healing wound then there is really nothing they can do for you so they prescribe something for your 'symptoms' (both real and imaginary)

  • in USA most doctors or clinics treat you like a customer that they need to keep sick to sell something, not like a patient. I also hate to go to the doctor here, in 10 years I have gone only once and I regreted it. It is cheaper and better to go to South America where you can find real doctor no marketers working in a hospital.

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