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I feel like a bad girlfriend sometimes. My boyfriend wants to text all day EVERY day, even when we're both super busy, and it's getting on my nerves more and more. If I'm gaming, I don't text him back, because I'm not looking for a conversation at that moment. When a guy compliments me in public and I thank him, my boyfriend gets angry that I didn't say I was taken. Even if it's just a small compliment from a stranger, and then we both move on. But when I look back at everything, I don't see me being a bad girlfriend; I just see him being a little too needy :/

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  • I'm in the same situation, lol. Except I'm a guy and my girlfriend is clingy. I honestly did not believe that gamer girls exists. if my girlfriend was like you, I'd play games with her everyday.

  • My ex boyfriend was needy like that. He would call me several times a day, even after I told him I didn't feel like talking. His clinginess just made me less like talking. Try telling your boyfriend how you feel and try working it out if you can. If you can't, you can find any clingy jealous boyfriend anywhere.

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