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Last year I met a guy with similar interests as me. We became both good friends. At that time I had a boyfriend but I broke up with him. After 4 months of knowing that guy I got a huge crush on him. We both sometimes text each other so we go out . Only two of us , at night. He would make jokes, we would laugh, he would smoke a cigaratte or two at those walks. Our friends would say we look like we both are in love. About 4 months ago my BF texted him that I like him from my phone (I still think that was stupid) . He texted back that he likes me too but he just doesn't want a relationship. But recently he has been distant from me. I want to ask him, if he still likes me, but I just can't do it. I know that I'm not the best looking and thin girl. I want to know his feeling towards me because I'm suffering here. I'm still in highschool - 17 ,but he's looking for a job 20, I just think he doesn't like me anymore and just won't tell me.Even if I had a huge urge to kiss him lately. I'm going to have a surgery after a week but he doesn't know that. What do I do?

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  • I dont know why.i read it like a rap Song,

  • I was lost at "similar interest".

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