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ok I like him and he says he likes me both of us say we want to date but he says he wants to know me more before we do it's been like this for 6 months there has been no sex (which is cool) and I there for him and understanding when he isn't around, what more can I do? or is it that maybe he just really doesn't want to date me and won't say it? but I don't know if that is it cause he gets upset if I mention anything about maybe starting to look for a boyfriend and says what's wrong with him

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  • I would say carry on with ur life as u did or are . if u r not dating then there is no reason for u not to look for a boyfriend or flirt . u don't actually have to put a hold on ur life and wait for him to make up his minds . right now u guys are friends no need to over think things . u already put ur feelings on the table there is nothing else that u can do

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