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I don't know how to feel on this. I passed my highschool and got to know from my another friend that the nerdiest guy got a girlfriend who's superhot. He was that shy boy who always corrected his high powered glasses on his face with that one finger. And I am here sitting here and masturbating to Lisa Ann. I don't know how to talk to a girl properly and stutter like an idiot while in a conversation. I am desperate for a serious relationship and not only sex. I just want to cuddle a girl all day on bed :(

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  • I can probably help you by telling that it's a coincidence whether you meet someone who fits or not. It's not an achievement (unless someone who's hot gets a hot girlfriend just for sex, without that many feelings involved). If you're searching for love and not just for sex, it's a coincidence, it's like someone is constantly throwing dices whether you meet someone who fits that day or not. I've been in a similar situation as you are atm and I gave up hope too. Turned out though that I actually got in a unhealthy relationship (which started out healthy but she turned out to have a sick character).

  • is there any problem with a nerd guy dating a hot girl? probably she is smart too... you must be the typical jerk-dumb kid.

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