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I am the skinny type of girl who can eat without getting fat. I've always hated my body, though, because people kept telling me to "eat more" and called me anorexic. So a while ago I started to eat a lot of food (mostly unhealthy food) to gain weight. I like my body now (also because I realized that I should not care what others say about it). But I can't get rid of the bad eating habit. I just can't stop eating. It is so unhealthy.

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  • Eat a lot, poop a lot.

  • People of all weights and level of health can have serious food addictions. Being understanding is the key to overcome the stigma. Overcoming the addiction is another matter. Remove the temptation and enjoy all that you eat. Don't just eat to eat. Healthy foods are just as good tasting. Detoxing has also been known to help.

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