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I have been with my girlfriend for 15 months so far. I am 15 and she is 16. Our relationship has really gotten to nowhere, it feels as if I don't know her. We don't find much stuff in common and she would never be into technology as I am. I try to justify being with her for the fact she is the only one who texts me and the only one who will cuddle with me and make me feel loved. So it has gotten to a point where all we do is eat food, cuddle, and do sexual things with one another. I feel bad for the fact that I basically forced her into my fetish of face sitting. She says she enjoys it but she feels weird. I really don't want to put her through this anymore, just end us. But I feel that if I leave her, I will have nobody that is like me. Honestly, is there such a thing as a woman who is deep into technology, computers, programming, cuddling, and kinky BDSM? I am just the weird one out in life, for the combination of all my likes. Should I just end it? Every time I even discuss it possibly ending she gets extremely sad and I don't want her to deal with that.

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  • Communicate better, don't force her to much on doing thing she is not ready for. She already there beside you. YOU ARE still VERY YOUNG. Enjoy what you have together. If possible find ways to make it more worthwhile. BRO READ NaNA TO Kaoru Manga... Might help.( somehow )

  • Am i really reading this post from a 15 y/o? When i was that age i was climbing trees and chasing frogs. That was 3 years ago hehe

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