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I found out that my great grandfather died this morning over Facebook, I understand he was very sick, but the fact that my family has so little love and respect for me at this point, that they don't tell me when a loved one dies. What's sad is, this isn't the first, or second, time that this has happened..I went to my boyfriend for support, as this is a tough patch I'm going through, and told him I had horrible nightmares last night, and that my grandfather had died- his response? "Your great grandfather or your grandfather? The thing you saw on Facebook?" It crushed me. He didn't seem concerned that I had night terrors, or that I was crying and sad about my family hating me, or the fact that my grandfather died, he was more concerned that I said "grandfather" instead of "great grandfather" Things just keep sinking lower every day.

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  • maybe you would have known if you had a relationship with your grand father yourself? relationships aren't all about people coddling you they go both ways

  • I'll send you a hug, dunno if that helps :/

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