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I really want to write one-shoot story, but my head is run-out of idea but my hand insist to writing. Any sugest?

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  • A young man in the late 1940's, working in the construction business, he falls, hits his head, and when he wakes up, the world is empty- nobody around him, his family- gone; coworkers-gone. Every store and street corner are empty and it's cold. He walks around until he starts to see mannequins dressed up like the ones he loved, his girlfriend, his mother, etc. He starts to go insane from the lack of communication and human contact. Months, even years go by in his mind, he's pretending that these mannequins are his loved ones, and then one day- a siren. He's jolted up from the couch he's sharing with his doll like wife, and runs outside...he sees something falling from the sky, he hears a roar like a train right above him, and then nothing. the camera slowly moves back to reveal an active bomb testing facility. In reality, it's only been 4 days since he's been gone, but being delirious from lack of water, he's lived a lifetime in the matter of 96 hours. We see him again, clutching his mannequin wife and son close to him to protect them from the blast. You should name it, "Hollow Life"

  • I imagine like,after we humans somehow went extinct,maybe a nuclear disaster or whatever,and then a lost/somewhat sad character who is aboard a exploring mission from another planet,who has human like features,starts to dig in into our society,etc,studying really. and he falls in love with a girl,he sees her pictures,her writing,her house.but she's long dead.

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