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I get judged a lot by my appearance. Expecially guys. I have pink, sometimes purple or blue hair, and my eyebrow pierced. people always think I'm emo or goth. I hate it so much. People always say how nobody will ever like me..

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  • You yourself are giving them reason to. It's absolutely reasonable that they will form an opinion of you taking that into acfount; people are all judgemental to some degree, and if they think it's a ridiculous look they have every right. However, people writing you off as stupid or attention-seeking or whatever else, are being very narrow minded. If you just so happen to like this look, then there is no reason you should not adopt it. It does not determine you as a person, and it does, as said by someone else previously, weed out the idiots.

  • Having tattoos and piercings I have the same problem. I look at it like this, it pretty much weeds out the idiots for you. If they're lame enough to judge books by covers then they probably won't make that much of an impact in your life. Who need those kinda people anyway?

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