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Another day and yet another example of racism from czech people. I hate living in Prague, im not suprised you have a problem with Gypsies..if you treat non white people like they are inferior then dont expect them to like you. I can even stand in the morning tram without experiencing some from of racism...serious enough to be considerd a criminal offence in my country..and its not just from old people, if it were i could understand but from our generation?? i mean come on, who teaches you to act like you're so superior just because you are white. I really hope the world sees you for the nazi wannabe scum you are and deal with you the same way they were. You deserve it. horrible racist people. DO NOT COME TO PRAGUE if you are not white..you will regret it...i am counting the days until i leave.

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  • Stop acting/dressing/talking like a gypsy and people will treat you better.

  • Are you simply a non-white (black, mexican etc) or are you a gypsy? I couldn`t tell from your confession. Gypsies are widely hated and for good reason. Not all gypsies are thieves, but most of them, and I mean MOST of them are out there to get you. If it makes you feel any better, I`ve dealt with racism in France, and I`m white. I just happened to be a white Romanian, and lots of ignorant people don`t know there`s a difference between being Romanian and being a Roma people (a.k.a. gypsy). So when a woman in the supermarket heard me talking Romanian, she grabbed her purse and quickly left. And the cashier checked my money to see if they`re fake. He didn`t check it for previous customers.. Point is, there are racist people everywhere. I believe I`m racist myself, as I have a serious problem with gypsies, but at least I know they`re not ALL the same.

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