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In community college, one of the professors that taught speech and communication got classes wrote his own textbook for everyone at the college to use for free. That was amazing, free textbook hallelujah. But the formatting was awful. It was all single spaced, no headers, only pictures was a bad diagram. It was made with Microsoft Word Processor from 2000 so the compatibility with Word 2010 was messed up. The diagrams didn't stay together on one page, they got jumbled with the text, it was a mess. So I reformatted it and redid the diagrams myself. It took me a few days with sitting in the library until my butt was sore, but I got it done. And while I was formatting it, I ended up studying pretty well. I aced the exam. I still have a copy of the book saved in my email. I'm pretty proud of myself.

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  • I used to study a lot while making cheats. I never used my cheats, though I always had them handy.

  • You should have shared it back to the professor. Let others benefit from your work.

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