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Okay guys, so here is the situation. A friend of mine offered me a summer job in the company where he is editor in chief, knowing perfectly that I am on the second year of bachelor's degree. I had a stressful week full of tests and interviews. And now i get an e mail from HR that i did no get the job because I am only a second year student

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  • second year! you have a looooong long way to go. just talk to your (traitorous) friend, perhaps there are some misunderstandings. fix it, solve it (no use of putting a useless fight because, yeah, life must go on), and move on. if you have no trust anymore towards your friend, then that's the end of your cooperation then. the end

  • so? are you gonna kill yourself now? no, life continues... there will be many more times in life that you will be rejected, so get use to it.

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