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Most of my friends like to talk about music, books and movies that they like it. And sometimes are things that I've never heard of it before. And that's okay, because I love to discover new things. And even If I don't like the things that they are talking about, I always try to be polite and nice. But I am realizing now, that most people are not at all like me. Because when I want to talk about something new that I discover and they don't like it, they just ignore me or start judging me. And I think, that this is really unfair. Idk. Maybe I am the crazy one. Because I have what people called; a obsessive personality. Meaning: I always need to be obsessing about something. Most of the time it's about tv shows and books. So I ended discovering really old things, that no one knows anymore. So yeah maybe I am the weird one. I even ended up a friendship because of this. And the person didn't even realize that she was doing this to me. And this "friend" was awful, because she loved to criticize things... And yes, I wish I had a best friend, that I could share all my weird interests. And no, I am not lonely. Because honestly, I was always lonely. (I am an only child.) So the meaning of loneliness is different for me. Idk. I didn't wrote everything that I am feeling... Sorry if this does't make any sense. And I'm still not sure if I am doing this right. Oh and sorry for my bad english. My native language is portuguese. I have a class now... Bye.

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  • Well, those are not the right friends for you. But, to all the people hating on said friends, it never was their job to be interested in whatever OP obsesses with. Maybe they never really wanted OP as their friend in the first place (which might be entirely incorrect for this case, but is certainly something I have experienced). In that case, I do agree they should have told OP rather than just ignoring their conversational topics. And if they want OP as a friend, then they ought to show some interest.

  • your "friends" are selfish jerks... find other people you share thingd alike

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