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My boss told me today how grateful she is that I started working here, how much I helped her and how she couldn`t do all this without me. I felt good at first, until I realized that this means she`s throwing my way the tasks of 3 other people because she doesn`t trust them to handle it. I think they mess up on purpose, because they`ve noticed how she doesn`t ask them re-do it and instead she gives it to me to re-do it. I still manage to do all the tasks and it makes me feel good about myself, but I`m also upset and somewhat angry that they`re so stupid they get to do nothing all day because no one makes them do anything because they mess up everything.

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  • From what I`ve heard, they were employed because their parents are friends with the big boss. So no.. talking to my direct boss and complaining about it won`t solve anything. And I agree that from a short term perspective they have it better than me, but in the long run, when their parents are gone, their support will go too, and they don`t have any productive skill. Doing nothing and getting paid doesn`t make someone "smart". It makes someone lazy, restricts development of character and, all in all, guarantees said person won`t be able to deal with life unless mommy and daddy take care of it.

  • if your boss is so happy with you then she should have your back when you say its unfair to do everyone's job and how she should find other employees that can do the work instead of putting all on you.

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