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I dated a girl for a year and I really loved her, I opened up to her and showed her the real me, but she ripped my heart out several times so I left, but I came back and apologized for leaving because I can't forget about her and I dint know why.

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  • Love really does suck many times :(. Nobody deserves to be treated like this. Really if she can't she the love and effort you have put in to this. Then please try to move on. Because when she is to short sided to she this all then she doesn't deserve you. You have to be with a lovely lady that loves you back! You probably go back because what you can't have you want to have that. But realise this, there are more lovely girls and women out there :)

  • That's love, but if she treats you like shit. You should go away. But love can be difficult. Even the times she hurts you, you still love her and want to go back.

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