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I have nobody I feel like I can talk to about anything. They never understand. They may claim to, but they don't. And at this point, I don't blame them. It's difficult to relate to the feeling that you should never have come into existence. I'm a twin, and I've spent my entire life feeling as though I was the child my mother got but never actually wanted. The afterbirth that nobody knew what to do with. I've gotten to where I feel like a ghost. A spectre trapped on earth. I live like I'm ready to die, because I am. I spend every day teetering on the brink of ending everything, and this is what nobody understands. They refuse to, because it scares them. They refuse to, because they've never lived like that to know what that's like. And I don't blame them for refusing.

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  • Hey, have you thought of calling a suicide hotline? They're extremely helpful, and you have nothing to lose by calling. xxx I'm not sure what country you're in, but you can find the one you need through this directory: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html Stay safe!

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