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I am an active young woman who suddenly developed blood clots. I've met lots of nice NPs and CPAs, and a whole lot of really great technicians. Through the process, I have come to realize that a lot of doctors are dumb, judgmental, and terrible at their job. They don't read, they don't think, and they are far from up to date on anything. They also treat you like you are a retarded liar that can't tie your own shoes and are beneath them.

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  • ikr they should be fire one told me what I was feeling was fake and I had it for years

  • Well.. doctors are people just like anyone else and we`ve seen how stupid people can be. Some doctors got to be doctors because they barely passed their exams or because they have parents who are also doctors and have connections.. I know a guy who is a doctor and he didn`t know the difference between birth control pills and the-morning-after-pill. How can you possibly trust someone like this with your health? A doctor recommended a certain medication for my baby girl, I bought said medication, and when I got home and read about it, turned out it was intended for adult use and highly contraindicated for small children... Some doctors are stupid, plain and simple. Read as much as you can before doing something or taking something "because the doctor said so"

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